Hand Etching

The experts at Koch Monument have built a name and reputation through fine craftsmanship, dedication to their industry, and a desire to be the best. They are world leaders in monument hand etching and engravings, with their work featured on numerous monuments in numerous locations through New Jersey, and greater New England. Since 1902, when Koch Monument was first established, albeit under a different name, the employees and artisans at Koch Monument have prided themselves in their artistic quality and attention to detail that make hand etching and engravings so important.

Koch Monument uses hand etching and engravings to record and commemorate important events, engrave a picture, write a special message or memento, or otherwise adorn a monument or other surface. In the case of memorials, engravings usually contain:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Death
  • Date of Marriage
  • Spouse's Full Name
  • Children's Names

Typically a message will be left by the family, friends, or loved ones as well.

Hand etching is also a beautiful way to commemorate the life of a loved one. Koch's Monument hand etchers are skilled in replicating and etching images into all forms of different materials and mediums. Some of our different hand etching services include:

  • Portrait etching: Using photographs of loved ones, family members, etc., our hand etching team can easily carve the photograph into a three dimensional relief that will breathe new life into the monument.
  • Landscapes: Many people opt to have landscapes representing serenity, peace, relaxation, or even personal property that they have owned. Landscapes can depict places of interest, hobbies, or even conquests.
  • Family logos and crests: Heraldry is still popular among older families, and displaying a family crest on a mausoleum or monument will stand the test of time.

Koch Monuments is proud of all of their hand etchings and engravings. Our talented craftsmen are able to produce any image or engraving you might desire. Contact us today to learn of our different services and prices. It's never too late to plan ahead or to add that finishing touch to a loved one's monument that you have always wanted to add.