Custom Mausoleums

We pride ourselves for our custom mausoleums. They are the height of our trade, and we are master craftsmen. Koch mausoleums are a rich tradition of our trade, and we ensure that all of our mausoleums are custom works.

The first part of the process to erect a custom mausoleum is to meet with the family and to discuss the objectives, wants, and needs of the family. We know that this is a large investment designed to house the resting place of a loved one and we want to know exactly how they envision custom mausoleums in their mind.

After the initial meeting we then begin to start the work. We design the mausoleum to specification taking into account the desired location, the scenery and environment where the mausoleum will be erected. We labor over material selection to achieve the desired color. We discuss and plan the special features and intricacies common to custom mausoleums. We take into mind special requests, such as a cobblestone path leading the porch of the mausoleum, any stone urn or vases that they may want adoring the tomb. Our designers work with the family to ensure that no detail is overlooked or forgotten. We completely understand that there is no room for mistakes in designing and manufacturing custom mausoleums and go above and beyond to make the monument as perfect as possible.

Koch Monument was founded in 1902 and since that time has continued to offer beautifully constructed, high quality custom mausoleums. Our craftsmanship and reputation are well known throughout the east coast, and we stand behind our work. We understand the difficulties that can surround a family when designing a monument or memorial for a family member, and we are deeply respectful of both their loss and their traditions. We have years of experience designing and constructing Jewish markers and memorials, Korean monuments, as well as our custom mausoleums.

So, if you have been thinking about building a mausoleum for yourself or family, or if a loved one has passed and you wish to build a permanent memorial that will stand the march of time in dignity and awe, contact our office directly and we can help you make this desire a reality.

Custom Mausoleums