Pet Markers and Urns

When a beloved family member passes away, the family may memorialize the life that was lost by creating a beautiful grave marker or headstone and placing it at the gravesite of the deceased. While pets are not people, in many families, they are indeed a member of the family. Their passing may be mourned in much the same way as the passing of a human family may be mourned. Koch Monument understands the importance of pets in a family's home, and we provide pet markers and urns that can provide your pet with the burial he deserves.

Pet markers and urns are available in a variety of styles and sizes to meet all needs. Some families may create a general pet marker for all of the pets that have been lost, and this may be suitable for families with many pets or that have smaller pets like hamsters and gerbils. Others may have recently lost a beloved dog or cat that was in their home for a decade or longer, and they want to create a marker that captures their pet's spirit, personality or presence in their lives in some special way. Koch Monument can create a tasteful monument that is perfectly customized to meet your needs, and these may be placed on your family's land or in a pet cemetery.

We also offer urns that can be used when your pet is cremated. Urns can be created using a variety of materials, and they can be as simple or ornate as you like. They may also be engraved with a heartfelt message.

Your pet has filled a special place in your heart and home for many years, and the loss that you feel at your pet's passing can be considerable. Pet markers and urns provide you with a traditional and tasteful way to memorialize your pet's life. If you have recently lost a family pet, contact Koch Monument today to learn more about our markers and urns for pets. We can help you to create a customized marker or urn that is perfect for your pet.

What better way to commemorate your special family pet than with a memorial from Koch Monument. We have a variety of styles of granite and bronze markers for all types of pets. Please view our photo gallery below for samples.