Granite Memorials

Our granite memorials come from the finest sources in the world. As an authorized Rock of Ages Dealer, we have access to the best quarries and craftsmen in the industry.

Granite memorials are often placed at the burial site of loved ones who have passed away. They most commonly are featured in traditional shapes and sizes, and a granite headstone may be beautifully engraved with gorgeous lettering that memorializes the deceased. Some headstones may be more uniquely shaped. For example, they may be circular or even spherical, have a non-uniform shape or even have a sculpture attached to the memorial. These may also be engraved or may have a bronze plaque with engraved lettering.

Koch Monument specializes in creating granite memorials that beautifully represent the deceased. Some truly beautiful monuments may be created in traditional headstone shapes and sizes, and these may be adorned with engraved images or other unique elements for personalization. Koch Monument also can create granite memorials in any shape and size that is desired. For example, we have created several memorials that are the shape of a car. One such monument featured a Mercedes Benz, and it weighed 65 tons and took over 13 months to complete. This is just one of a wide range of designs that can be used to create a custom memorial for a loved on. Designers at Koch Monument can meet with you personally to discuss your ideas and will get to know more about your loved one who has recently passed away. A beautiful design for a custom memorial etched out of granite can be created that truly represents some unique aspect of his or her life.

While Koch Monument often creates memorials for the deceased, some people choose to work with the designers at Koch Monument to design their own memorial in their living years. Whether you have a specific design idea in mind or want to work with a creative team who can offer inspiration to you, Koch Monument can assist with your needs. Our team has been creating high-quality memorials, grave markers, urns and more for over 100 years, and our dedication to excellent craftsmanship is apparent in all of our products. Contact our team today to learn more about how Koch Monument can assist with your needs.

Please view the gallery below for samples.