No two people are alike. Thus, the process of designing a mausoleum differs with each individual
or family.

A Koch Monument mausoleum is a reflection of your most personal wishes. Working with you, we develop a design that satisfies your specific needs and preferences. Only then will our skilled craftsmen begin the actual work. From the initial meeting to the final constructed mausoleum, the process is highly rewarding. The result is a Koch Monument mausoleum that is as individual as you are.

There are many factors to consider when designing mausoleums. A mausoleum is a grand memorial that serves as the final resting place for the deceased. They may be designed for an individual, for a couple or for an entire family. Just as any structure can be designed with unique structural design elements, using various colors and more, the same holds true for a mausoleum.

The overall size, shape and design of the structure should be carefully considered as well as the type and color of material that is used. Some of these structures may have a cobblestone path leading up to them, stair steps or benches, vases for flowers, ornate doors and other features. Many people do design a mausoleum with the deceased in mind, but they often include features like benches so that those who pay their respects can sit down and spend time reflecting on the life of their loved one.

Koch Monuments has been designing and constructing beautiful, high-quality mausoleums for over a century, and we have developed a solid reputation for our craftsmanship over the years. We understand that the design of a mausoleum is a deeply personal matter, and you may have strong desires and preferences regarding the style of the monument. Our designers will work with you to learn more about your desires, and we will create a design that perfectly meets those desires. Once the design has been finalized, our highly skilled professionals will begin crafting the mausoleum. Our mausoleums are designed to be a lasting testament or legacy to the life that was lived, and both our designers and craftsmen are dedicated to creating a mausoleum that is truly worth of the life that was lived.

If you have been thinking about designing a mausoleum for yourself in your living years or need to design a mausoleum for a loved one who has recently passed away, Koch Monument can assist with your needs. You can begin by reviewing some of the beautiful designs that we have created by browsing through the online gallery. Then, contact our office directly to begin the design process.