Granite/Bronze Markers

Cemetery markers are a final testament to a loved one. Whether you opt for bronze or granite, ornate or simple, we can help you choose the right marker.

Granite Markers - Granite is valued for its strength and durability. Most cemeteries insist on granite memorials to the exclusion of any other stone. Granites occur in many parts of the world. Colors range through deep red to pink, black with variegations, brown, blue and gray. The shape, color, finish, and texture of granite are among your memorial choices. In the studios of Koch Monument, great attention is given to your selected granite, design, carvings, layout, and endearment or epitaph phrases. Floral carvings are popular and symbolic. Roses are symbolic of love, the Palm of eternal peace; Oak and Ivy of strength and honor are just a few examples of the significance of flowers that are universal to all cultures. We have a vast array of emblems reflecting religious association, military service, professional organization, occupation, or hobby. Detailed drawings are provided showing the all carving and lettering layout for your approval with any granite cemetery marker order.

Bronze Plaques - Bronze is chosen for its timeless elegance. Knowing that a bronze memorial is the final tribute to a loved one’s life and contributions will give comfort and satisfaction owing to the unique brilliance and artistic appearance of cast bronze. Bronze offers choices of styles, colors, border designs, letter styles, flower vases, and personalization options that will make your final tribute a superb work of art. With your order, Koch Monument’s service includes the completion of all preliminary cemetery paperwork, family approval drawings, and leading up to the final installation of the memorial at gravesite.

Please review the gallery below for an idea of the range and scope of our bronze and granite cementery markers. Feel free to contact our office with any questions or concerns.