Jewish Memorials

A memorial, such as a beautiful headstone, may be placed at the burial site of a deceased loved one, and this memorial may serve a number of functions. Its most basic purpose is to tell others who may visit the gravesite who is buried in the location. Friends and family members of the deceased may want to pay their respects over the years, and the memorial may feature scripture or verses that may comfort those who are grieving. Religious images may also be placed on these memorials to represent the importance of religion in their life as well as to offer solace to those who visit the memorial. The design and engraved message on the memorial alike may be a testament to the life that was lived.

For over 100 years, Koch Monument has created beautiful Jewish memorials that are made from materials like granite, bronze and other materials. Because Koch Monument has been creating Jewish memorials for decades, you can browse through an incredible gallery of memorials that have been designed over the years. By viewing the gallery, you may find a specific design, shape or color that appeals to you. You may also take note of religious verses, images and even statues that others have used.

The designers at Koch Monument can work closely with you to design a memorial that most represent the life of your beloved family member, and it may also represent his or her Jewish heritage in some way as well. While we can create traditional headstones and markers, we can also create a custom memorial design in any shape. Whether you are looking for an ornate and elaborate headstone design, a traditional headstone design or something else, Koch Monument can create a perfectly customized and beautiful memorial.

A memorial is a testament to your loved one that you and others may visit numerous times, so you do want it to be perfect. Koch Monument has considerable experience designing Jewish memorials. We can use a number of beautiful, high-quality materials in various styles and colors so that the right marker is created for your loved one.

Please view the gallery below for samples.