Custom Design

A gravestone memorial or cremation memorial is a lasting tribute to the life of a dear loved one who has passed away. These memorials stand in honor of the deceased, and many who wish to pay honor to the deceased may visit the memorial periodically over the years. Each life is unique, and you may have the desire to celebrate your loved one's individuality with a custom designed monument. Koch Monument can work with you to design and craft a monument that beautifully captures the spirit and individuality of the deceased.

These custom designed monuments may be hand-crafted from marble, and marble is available in a wide range of colors such as pink, brown, blue gray and more to suit your preferences. The monuments may be crafted in small headstones or footstones to feature images of biblical signs, to carry religious verses or to show other meaningful text. Some custom designed monuments may be grander, and they may feature towering and elaborately detailed crosses or statues of religious figures standing atop gorgeous headstones. Custom mausoleums are also available, and these may personalized with statues, scripture and other details to add individuality and personalization to the monument. Some of these may feature steps or bench seats where those who wish to pay tribute to the deceased may sit in peace.

If you are interested in creating a custom designed monument to honor the life of a recently departed loved one, contact Koch Monument today. You can take time to view the memorials, markers and mausoleums found on the website for inspiration, and our designers can work with you to create a memorial that truly captures the individuality of your loved one. The design process involves a personal meeting with one of our designers. The designer will begin preparing a design based on the details and preferences that you provided during the meeting. After you have approved of the design, our skilled craftsman will begin creating a personalized and lasting tribute for your loved one. Contact Koch Monument or complete the request form online for more information about custom designed monuments.