Cremation Urns

With the passing of a loved one, a family makes plans to celebrate the life of the dearly departed. When cremation is chosen, cremation urns provide the family with a decorative way to store remains and honor their loved one's life. Koch Monument offers a beautiful selection of urns that may be placed in your home or in a columbarium.

An urn is among the most traditional ways that loved ones commemorate the life and honor the memory of someone who has passed away. At Koch Monument, you can choose from several different styles of urns. These include beautiful decorative bronze urns and contemporary urns made out of durable hardwood. Many people make the decision to keep cremation urns in their home, and the ashes of the deceased may be stored permanently inside. The urn may also be placed inside a cemetery niche. This provides family, friends and acquaintances of the loved one with the opportunity to visit the memorial and pay their respects. In some cases, the dearly departed has requested that his or her ashes be dispersed in a specific location, or the family makes the decision to spread the ashes in a location that was special or meaningful. The urn may therefore be used to temporarily store the ashes until they are dispersed.

When purchasing an urn, questions related to the durability of the urn, its style and its size may all be considered. Koch Monument strives to provide you with the personal attention that you need during this time in your life so that you can make a decision that can ultimately provide you and others with the continued ability to honor the loved one that has passed.

You can take time today to explore the beautiful selection of cremation urns available through Koch Monument as a first step, but you may also consider calling the company directly to obtain a quote and for more information about the urns. You want to have all of the information available to make this important decision, and Koch Monument can provide you with the personalized attention you need.