Cremation Memorials

One person can have a dramatic impact on many lives. Those nearest and dearest to an individual who has passed away may be deeply shaken by their loss, but even those who had limited contact with the person or who hadn't talked to the deceased in years may still have been profoundly affected by their life in some way. When a person passes, there is often a desire to pay respects to the deceased. This may be done at the funeral, but many people often find peace in privately visiting the memorial or marker on their own. When cremation is chosen, cremation memorials can be erected to provide others with a way to honor or pay tribute to the deceased.

Cremation memorials may be erected in a cemetery, but they also can be placed on private grounds. These may be large and elaborate, or they can be smaller in size. Koch Monument offers an excellent selection of impressive, stately cremation memorials that may be the ideal way to celebrate the life of your lost loved one. They are available in a variety of styles, such as a ridge top, a gable top and an apex top. Some people may choose to place an urn inside the memorial rather than to scatter the ashes.

These memorials may be personalized in the same fashion that gravestone memorials are. In many cases, the family of the deceased may choose to engrave the deceased's name, birth date and death date onto the memorial. However, the marker may be further customized with a religious verse, the names of children or a surviving spouse or other information.

These memorials may remain in place for decades or even centuries to come, and they stand as a lasting legacy to the life that was lived. Family, friends and even acquaintances who were touched in some way by the individual may choose to pay tribute to the deceased by visiting this marker from time to time. You can learn more about the beautiful markers that are available by taking a look some example images below.