Bronze Plaques

When a loved one passes away, a memorial or marker is often placed at their burial site to honor their life. In some cases these memorials are placed in secondary locations as well, such as in a park or other public venue. Every individual has the ability to impact countless lives, and many people may have the desire to honor the life of the deceased in their own way by visiting the memorial from time to time. Bronze plagues from Koch Monument are a beautiful, classic way to honor the life of a lost loved one.

Koch Monument offers a wide range of styles of bronze plaques to choose from, and these are suitable for use as a grave marker or for use in other venues where you have the desire to place a permanent memorial. These plaques may be headstones or footstones, and Koch Monument will contact the cemetery if there are requirements that must be met before you make your purchase. In addition, you may also choose between slant, budget, bevel and flush markers. After making this decision, you can choose from several decorative options, such as with a simple border, a granite border, a rose or floral border and other options. Finally, you can further personalize the markers with your choice of text. Many families will place the name of the deceased along with the birth and death dates on the marker. However, these can also be personalized with a special message such as a religious verse or favorite quote.

Long after a loved one passes away, he or she will be remembered dearly. Those who were left behind will pay tribute by visiting the grave marker or memorial site, and they may leave flowers or another tribute by the marker. Many people will visit a marker annually on the person's birthday, date of the death or another special date of significance. Bronze plaques provide you with a timeless, beautiful way to celebrate the life that was lived and to honor the deceased. You can take time to view the different styles of plaques available through Koch Monument today.