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Featured Monument

Granite Mercedes-Benz

Koch Monument is proud to feature this custom project which has been one of the most talked about monuments in the industry.

The car, which started as a granite block from Vermont, weighed in at over 65 tons! It took Koch Monument's skilled craftsmen over 13 months to create this beautiful masterpiece. The monument was built full scale from the car manufacturer's original blueprints.

All visible details of actual Mercedes-Benz limousine are present: head lamps, grill, wind shield wipers, door handles, muffler and tailpipe, tail lights, trunk latch, hub caps. Two details omitted for fear of vandalism were the hood ornament and side view mirror.

Fine detail is what makes the sculpture look exactly like the authentic auto mobile. The chrome around the grill, lens of the tail light and hub caps were all accentuated with thin sandblasted lines. This technique is the same as used by ancient Roman craftsmen. Learn more...