Cast Bronze and Aluminium

Koch Monument is deeply involved in every aspect of monument and memorial creation, restoration, and cleaning. One of the particular industries that Koch Monument fills includes creating bronze casting. Through experience, artistry, and equipment, Koch Monument can bring any cast bronze concept or idea to life.

Bronze casting and sculpturing is an ancient art and has been used world over throughout the centuries as a way to remember and commemorate great leaders, events, and loved ones. Bronze sculpture is not always of people, but can be made to represent anything, from physical reality to abstract ideas. Common examples of cast bronze objects include baby shoes, John Lennon's glasses, and other artifacts and miscellaneous articles.

The bronze sculpting and casting at Koch Monument is a full service cast bronze shop. Koch Monument is able to cast anything into bronze to be placed alongside a memorial, or to be part of mausoleum. Examples of cast bronze include:

  • Religious iconography on monuments, memorials, and mausoleums
  • Sculptures of the departed, such as a bust
  • Favoured hobby equipment, such as golf clubs
  • Etc.

Do remember that care and maintenance will be needed with any cast bronze work done for a monument or memorial. Another specialization of Koch Monument is in repairing and restoring bronze finishing. As with monument restoral, it is important to remember to take care when restoring any metal, especially bronze. Bronze will naturally oxidize and will gain a green patina. This is a natural look of aged bronze. Koch Monument can help take care of monuments to ensure that the patina doesn't occur unnaturally, is controlled, or is completely removed without damaging or harming the integrity of the cast bronze.

For pricing on cast bronze items, please contact Koch Monument for a quote. We will get back to you as soon as possible and discuss all viable options to make your desires a reality.