The Beauty of Bronze for Your Loved One’s Grave

Making a decision about the type of marker for a loved one’s grave is something that requires careful consideration. The goal is to choose a marker that will honor your loved one in a dignified manner. You also want something that will hold up well to the weather and keep its appearance as the years go by. Bronze is an option that many people find has the ideal qualities for this purpose.

How is Bronze Used?

Bronze can be utilized to create simple markers that bear the basic information related to the loved one. The same material can be used to create busts that adorn the grave. Religious symbols can also be created using this material. Bronze can be utilized for very simple graves or used as part of the overall design and ornamentation for a mausoleum. As a plus, the material will continue to look great as the years pass. All it will take is occasional cleaning and possibly some bronze refinishing from a New Jersey supplier from time to time.

Bronze Grave Markers from Koch Monument in New Jersey

What about Cleaning and Refinishing?

One concern that people sometime have is the upkeep on the bronze markers or busts. In fact, the process for bronze refinishing for a New Jersey grave marker is not all that difficult. After a thorough cleaning that involves the use of a simple detergent and a brush that loosens the build up, the bronze is wiped with a clean cloth. Removing any type of dirt before the refinishing ensures that nothing will cause any bubbles or other imperfections once the work is completed,

After the marker is thoroughly cleaned, the actual bronze refinishing commences. The color coating is mixed to the desired hue and then applied in a series of light coats. From there, a brush is used on any lifted areas, such as the lettering. This helps to add some slight contrast. Once the paint is dried, a sealant is applied to the surface.

The process of bronze refinishing does require attention to detail, but it is not hard to accomplish. Thanks to the durable nature of the material, a good quality refinishing job will last for years. In the interim, light cleaning will keep the marker, bust, or religious symbols or icons in great condition.