Custom Mausoleums in New Jersey

Custom mausoleums in New Jersey are a special way to honor a loved one with a unique marker for a grave. Free standing structures at cemeteries are built to hold individuals, couples, or several family members. At Koch Monument located in Hackensack, N.J., we have designed memorials that are durable and dignified for over 100 years. Creating markers for the deceased requires using sturdy materials such as stone or metal that can withstand rough weather, including snowstorms. Clients contacting us about creating vault memorial buildings want to express their personality and aesthetics. Our craftspeople understand how to create a structure that fits in nicely with its surroundings by adding walkways, benches, or flower vases.

Experienced Craftspeople

Creating custom mausoleums for New Jersey cemeteries requires understanding local building codes concerning safety. A structure can reflect the wishes of the deceased individuals while also creating a beautiful place for visitors to pay their respects. We understand that crypts are meant to last for hundreds of years, requiring quality materials such as granite. Every vault begins with our architect’s sketching designs on paper that are approved by clients before beginning the building process. Our architects are available to provide ideas for special elements such as carved scrolling, stone columns, and metallic embellishments. Clients might want a classic structure that is reminiscent of Greek architecture or a modern construction with a specialized shape.

Durable Monuments

We never pressure clients when they are designing a memorial for a loved one or pre-planning one for themselves. Koch Monument knows that choosing the design for a marker is a personal decision that requires time. Our company’s website has photographs of custom mausoleums in New Jersey that our company has helped to design and construct. These photographs are an excellent way for clients to begin developing their own ideas for a memorial. In addition to creating a lovely structure, our craftspeople can etch symbols that represent cultural heritage or religion on a variety of materials. Words carved on the materials can be written in multiple languages, making it easier for visitors to read.