Cemetery Lettering Available in New Jersey

Modern monuments and headstones are available in different colors, shapes, and designs to make a personalized statement about a deceased individual. Unique cemetery lettering available in New Jersey from a knowledgeable memorial company is another way to create a beautiful marker for a loved one. Koch Monument has been in business for over 100 years, making quality headstones and monuments that are long lasting and attractive. Durable stone and metal are the standard materials used for making monuments located outside in severe weather conditions, such as rain and snow. In the past, the materials used to make monuments often degraded, making it impossible to read the information engraved in the stone or metal.

Cemetery Lettering in New Jersey with Koch Monument

Durability and Font Styles

Fortunately, the manufacturers of cemetery plaques and headstones have improved stone and metallic materials to prevent the items from deteriorating. The cemetery lettering on New Jersey plaques and headstones is now also protected with applications of waterproofing resins to stop erosion from occurring for hundreds of years. At the same time, family and friends can select from an assortment of materials and font styles to create a gorgeous memorial that reflects the deceased individual’s life. Koch Monument provides full color photographs of plaques and headstones on its website to help families make a selection. Preplanning of monuments is also available to allow individuals to design a memorial that truly reflects their aesthetics.

Knowledgeable Engravers

Cemetery lettering in New Jersey requires expert stone or metal engravers who know how to carefully etch the material with the correct name and dates. Proper engraving of information on a headstone or plaque ensures that visitors can locate the correct grave to pay their respects. A cemetery is a valuable resource for historians documenting family trees. Having inaccurate or poorly etched words and numbers on monuments can lead to confusion as future generations visit a cemetery. A knowledgeable engraver can etch words in multiple languages on a stone or plaque, making it easier for family and friends to read the information. In addition, an engraver can add detailed symbols and photographs to a plaque or headstone.